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About Us
Established in March 2014, Burning Rock is headquartered in Beijing. Its first medical laboratory, "Guangzhou Burning Rock Medical Examination Institute Co., Ltd." is situated on Guangzhou International Bio Island which is blessed with a picturesque environment and rich in scientific research deposits. Later it established a R&D center in Shanghai. It occupies over 10,000 ㎡ in total. Burning Rock is committed to guiding the individualistic treatment of tumor patients, centered around NGS and biomedical informatics, with conventional tumor molecular pathology detection as the cornerstone, trying to build one-stop solutions for individualistic treatment clinical detection service and scientific research of tumor.

Burning Rock has a highly efficient and professional bioinformatics analysis and R&D team and an industrially experienced team in the area of operation management. Burning Rock is also the only third party clinical detection institute with a clinical medicine department. At the beginning of its establishment, it has received a joint investment of 62 million Yuan from top-rank institutional risk investors Northern Light Venture Capital and Legend Star. Burning Rock has used the investment in lab construction and product research. No pains, no gains. Han Yusheng, the founder and CEO of Burning Rock has led the team of Burning Rock to blaze a trail in clinical translation of individualistic tumor treatment and promote the quick translation of NGS technology in the field of clinical diagnosis of tumor. In October 2014, the first product of Burning Rock "Gene Detection Panel for Target Drug of Lung Cancer" was released, which was officially put on sale in November. Based on NGS technology, the product aimed to conduct gene detection for lung cancer patients and assist the patients and their attending doctors to select target drugs with the best individualistic curative effect.
At the end of January 2015, Barack Obama, President of the US declared a new project in the field of life science in the State of the Union Address of 2015, "Precision Medicine Initiative". The initiative aimed to cure diseases such as cancer and diabetes and enable all people to obtain individualistic health information. This indicated the real advent of the era of precision medicine. The founders of Burning Rock had smelled the early chance and already worked hard for realizing tumor precision medicine before the concept of precision medicine was familiar to the public.

Burning Rock has successively developed gene panel for lung cancer target drugs, gene detection panel for benign or malign judgment of thyroid cancer, gene detection panel for liquid biopsy of lung cancer and genetic susceptibility gene detection panel for multiple types of cancer. Compared with traditional detection methods, the NGS technology adopted by Burning Rock can detect several genes, mutation spots and types of mutation, so it can save time and cut the overall costs. Other than detecting tissue samples, the company has also rolled out detection services of blood samples. The fundamental advantage of liquid biopsy is its non-invasiveness, which can finish detection only with a little blood. It is a blessing for the patients whose tissue samples cannot be obtained or whose tissue samples are few and cannot be sampled repeatedly. So far, liquid biopsy is the most effective approach to achieve a real-time monitoring on the whole course of disease of the patient. Burning Rock has successively rolled out gene detection products for individualistic drug use of lung cancer based on peripheral blood ctDNA--Langqingtm and Langketm (blood version) and gene detection product applicable to individualistic drug use for other types of cancer--Puqingtm.
The era of precision medicine has just come. It means that our long trek has just begun. Burning Rock will guard the light of life with science.