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About Us
Our Culture——“Guarding Light of Life with Science”
We try to progress and innovate and are convinced that science can guard the life of patients.
We adhere to a progressive and rigid Burning Rock spirit. We keep exploring and advancing on the path of scientific research and clinical translation of new technologies, and try our best to seek benefits for patients and the society.
Our Philosophy——“ROCK”
R: Relevant, focusing on product design with clinical significance
O: One-stop solution, one-stop platform building solution
C: Competitive, following the pace of technological development, leading clinical translation of innovative technologies
K: Know-how, strictly managing product quality and experiment details
Our Vision
By adhering to the philosophy of "ROCK" and principle of "serious medicine", Burning Rock will use international cutting-edge biotech, and genome big data analyzing capability to provide the best guidance for individualistic treatment of tumor patients. The high-sensitivity treatment technology of the NGS platform of Burning Rock is devoted to early diagnosis of cancer and seeking the best treatment time for patients, so as to extend their life; the individualistic guidance for drug use based on the detection report will help the doctors find the drugs and treatment with the best curative effect, so that the patients can receive the most effective treatment.