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Chinese-style cancer situations
The latest statistics show that there were about 4.29 million new cancer cases and about 2.81 million death cases in 2015 in China. That is to say, one person was suffered from cancer every 7 seconds and one cancer patient died every 11 seconds. In recent ten-plus years, cancer incidence and mortality has been increasing. The situation is very urgent.
Cancer and precision medication
Cancer is a kind of complicated disease caused by the genetic mutation of human body, the genetic mutation can lead to infinite proliferation of cells due to losing of normal control ability, eventually resulting in occurrence of cancer. The targeted drugs can kill the tumor cells carrying specific gene variations, with apparent curative effects. But, the gene variations carried by different patients are different, which makes patients with different sensitivity, toxic and adverse effects for same antineoplastic drugs. The more perfect “molecular genotype” idea let more patients obtain opportunity of targeted therapy, doctors can formulate the individualized therapeutic regimen according to gene variations carried by cancer patient, furthest find out the potentially available targeted drugs and enhance therapy efficiency of anti-cancer drugs. The precision diagnosis is a prerequisite for accurate medication.
Precision therapy guided by 『molecular genotype』
The MATCH plan launched by National Cancer Institute (NCT) firstly made second generation sequencing on thousands of types of cancers (lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer) to determine the carried gene variations, then designate different molecular genotype groups according to carried gene variations, the targeted drug therapy was adopted for different groups. The targeted drugs covered in MATCH plan totals more than 20 varieties and have been certified by FDA for certain tumor or another large clinical detection. The precision treatment idea of “different treatments for the same disease, same treatment for different diseases” is based on precise molecular genotype for patients.
Multiple-gene parallel detection
America Foundation Medicine utilizes the high throughput sequencing technology to detect over 2000 tumor tissue samples embedded in paraffin and about 300 genes. Detection results show that 76% tumor tissues contain the drug-guided gene variations, three times that in traditional “golden standard”; 3.06 variations have been detected in each sample, among them, 1.57 variations can be guided by drugs. Such results were published on top magazine Nature Biotechnology. Obviously, the multi-gene parallel detection can greatly enhance the detectable rate in detecting patient’s self carrying variations, thus, the patients can obtain more targeted treatment opportunities.。
Tumor precision medication—individualized medication gene detection

Oncoscreen™ is a kind of high throughput sequencing technology researched and developed by Burn Rock itself, aiming at precise targeted treatment for tumor patients. Oncoscreen™ precisely selects 295 genes closely related to cancer occurrence mechanism and targeted treatment, fully covering various variations like mutation, insertion/deletion, copy number variation and fusion.

Oncoscreen™ can provide one-stop solution service for precise targeted treatment of cancer patients, the patented data analysis flow and professional medical team can accurately give description about the gene variations in targeted area, it can cover the whole-genome sequencing, exon sequencing and ultralow frequency mutations with clinical significance not included in RNA sequencing, to provide guidance for patients in looking for targeted therapy.

It aims at the tumor patients, and it adopts the advanced second generation sequencing technology to fully detect the gene variations relating to tumor targeted therapy and cancer occurrence/progression, so as to provide most comprehensive guidance for selection of targeted drug therapy schemes in clinic.

Oncoscreen™ genetic makeup:
65 target genes relating to targeted drugs
107 classic primary cancer/cancer suppressor genes
12 signaling pathways/regulatory genes of 123 tumors

In multi-gene detection, the definite clinical significance is the key, instead of the quantity of genes.
Oncoscreen™, based on currently scientific research and clinical data, precisely selects 295 genes relating to cancer occurrence, progression, medication and curative effects in solid tumors.

Partial targeted drugs covered in Oncoscreen™

Approved drugs
Drugs on clinical trial
Product Advantages

More comprehensive individualized medication selection

Oncoscreen™ can detect 295 genes clearly reported to be closely related with tumors, covering the target genes and 12 key genes in signaling pathways relating to tumor occurrence and progression, to provide more comprehensive references about targeted drugs for patients;

Richer variation information

It can detect the tissue sample and blood sample at the same time. The detection report can include the somatic mutation and germline mutation, to restore the real situations of patient’s somatic mutation in a more accurate manner.

More accurate gene mutation detection

The gene detection Panel based on the second generation sequencing technology optimized by Burning Rock Dx, can detect 4 types of variation types at one time (mutation, insertion and deletion, fusion, amplification, etc.), at the same time, applies deep sequencing to deeply cover trace genovariation, so as to provide full view of the precise genovariation although samples are limited. On the one hand, the parallel detecting with the polygenic high sensitivity  improves the detection rate of drug-inhibited genovariation, which is able to miss opportunity of dedication; On the other hand, the complete coverage of exons can detect the hot spots and rare even unknown genovariation at the same time in one detection, detect related drug-resistant mutation while discovering drug sensitivity mutation,  having an accurate reflection of the sensitivity and drug resistance information of the patients after the usage of medication.

More professional detection report interpretation:

Buring Rock Dx, having the patented automated analysis system, is also the domestic third party detecting company only owning the professional medical department. The improved software and hardware resources ensures the accuracy of every detection report, which provides accurate and comprehensive basis of designing more reasonable individualized treatment scheme for doctors.