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Hereditary Tumors
Do you know? The tumor incidence and mortality in China ranks highly in the world, there are approximate 3 million tumor patients every year in China according to the statistics in China Tumor Registration Annual Report. White Paper of Cancer Prevention and Treatment in the World published by WHO points out: tumor is a gene disease, and prevention and treatment of tumor must be started with the disease cause of tumor—gene mutations.

The occurrences of some tumors are related to acquired gene mutations, while the others are to human congenital gene mutations. Many hereditary tumors have familial clustering, and the destructive genes mutations correlated with hereditary tumor have 50% probability of being inherited in one's offspring.

The risk of hereditary tumor will be sharply elevated in the hereditary gene mutation carriers; for instance, the risk of developing breast cancer in the BRCA1/2 gene mutation female carriers reaches as high as 56-87%, and the risk of hereditary colon and rectal cancer in APC gene mutation carriers reaches as high as 90%, and the risk of hereditary gastric cancer in the CDH1 gene mutation carriers reaches as high as 80%. And commonly, the hereditary tumor is likely to occur early, for instance, the acquired sporadic tumor does not occur until the age of 60-70 years, while many hereditary tumors occur at the age of 40-50 years.

Early discovering, early prevention and early treatment

The main reason why the cancer death rate ranks highly is that most patients are already at advanced-stage when confirmed. The survival time of the patient will be more prolonged if the tumor is discovered at an early or extremely early stage. the five-year patient survival rate may reach 90% or even higher if certain cancers get treated at early stage. The gene mutations carried by the patients with hereditary tumor can be detected very early, because these mutations are congenital gene mutations existing in the patient bodies all along.

Performed just one time in life, the hereditary tumor gene detection can acquired the information of whether the subject carries the gene mutation correlated with hereditary tumor. Only early detection, early discovering, early prevention and early treatment can reduce your risk to the lowest level.
Burning Rock You Jian™
Burning Rock You Jian™ hereditary tumor gene detection package, based on the advanced technique of next generation sequencing, can detect all at once whether there are mutations in more than 50 genes correlated with hereditary tumor. Burning Rock You Jian™ is appropriately set up as different detection package respectively for males and females, which respectively covers more than 10 most prevalent hereditary tumor, provide evaluation of hereditary tumor risk for the subjects, and provide special interpretation and consultation service, so as to provide a detection information basis for actualization of early discovering, early prevention and early treatment of hereditary tumor.

Detection Items:

Applicable Populations:
1. The tumor patients covered in the package: The detection package can detect whether the tumor is caused by hereditary factors, provide benefit directions for the appropriate therapy by doctors, and provide suggestive information of whether the risk of hereditary tumor is present for family and relatives.
2. 2.The people at high risk of the disease: the people with a familial history of hereditary tumor are recommended to receive You Jian™ Detection, so as to confirm the risk of developing hereditary tumor.
3. 3.Healthy People: This detection can help all people concerned with self-health know the status of the genes correlated with the hereditary tumor, controlling the risk to safe guard the future life.

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