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Launched for all solid tumors such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), Burning Rock Pureplasma™ is an overall gene detection product for non-invasive targeting medications for cancers of all types. Pureplasma can detect 63 genes correlated with targeting medicines in parallel, and screen targeted genes for the targeting medicines approved by cFDA and FDA and under the II/III-stage clinical trials for all solid tumors, providing the greatest probability of obtaining precise therapy for the first- or second-line advanced-stage cancer patients from whom sufficient tissue specimens cannot be acquired.

Approved drugs covered in Pureplasma™


Product Features

Cancer of Any Type Detection: Applicable to instruction of non-invasive individualized medication for solid tumors of many kinds such as gastric cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and GIST, evaluation of therapy effect, and monitoring of diseases.

Safe and Non-Invasive: A substitute for risky and invasive biopsy, based on the peripheral blood ctDNA as specimens;

Comprehensive and Precise: Capable of detecting mutation, fusion, copy number amplification, insertion and deletion in parallel all at once in the aspect of ctDNA with the ultra-high sequencing depth greater than 10000X, and can accurately detect the ultra-low abundance variation lowering to 0.2%, breaking through the limitation of the past monitoring methods;

Comprehensive Detection: Detect the 63 targeted genes for related medicines all at once, covering the targets for all targeting medicines as currently approved by cFDA and FDA, recommended by Guidelines and under clinical trials, providing comprehensive and precise molecular diagnosis basis for subsequent clinical individualized therapy;

Whole Process Monitoring: Actualize a whole process monitoring of targeting therapy efficacy and disease progress.

Applicable Populations

Applicable to the first- or second-line patients with advanced-stage cancer of any type from whom sufficient tissue specimens cannot be acquired;

Applicable to the patients with cancer of any type recurrence.

Service Cycle

Detection report is issued within 12 natural days of receipt of specimen.

Sample Requirements

10ml peripheral blood.

Service Procedure

Case Sharing
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