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Tumor High-flux Sequencing Platform--With Outstanding Performance, Professional and Reliable
  • 小巧可靠,完美融入实验室桌面;强大便捷,适合靶向测序!

    Small and Reliable, Perfectly Integrated with the Table of the Lab; Powerful and Convenient, Suitable for Target Sequencing.
  • Miseq Dx 专为肿瘤临床检测而设计 精准靶向基因组测序

    MiseqDx is designed exclusively for tumor clinical detection, precise target genome sequencing
  • 灵活通量,快速简约

    Nextseq 500
    Flexible Flux, Quick and Simple
Traditional Pathology Diagnosis Platform
  • FISH

  • RT-PCR

  • IHC

Bioinformatic Analysis Platform
  • Bioinformatics Big Data